Monday, June 11, 2012

"I can't find it"

These are famous words spoken by Austin.  The boy just can't seem to find anything he's looking for!?!?

"Mom, where are my clothes?"  "I put them right next to you on the couch, Austin."

When looking in the fridge door, he says "Mom, I can't find the tea pitcher."  I walk to the open fridge door and see a 2 gallon tea pitcher right in the front.

Last night after the shower he was asked to go get underwear and shorts for bed.  He came back naked.  I warned him that if I came in there and had to find it, he was going to be in trouble.  He came back in just underwear and just couldn't find his comfy sleep shorts.  I walked in and in less than 1 second found 3 pairs in the drawer!

"Mom, I can't find my shoes!"  "Did you look in your closest?"  "Um no... oh, there they are."

Most days I just have to laugh.  Others I fear that he may never find a woman to marry.....

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