Monday, June 25, 2012

POC Couple fishing

A few weekends ago, Wes & I ventured down to Port O'Conner with the Siemsglusz's.  The four of us abandoned ship, leaving 6 kids behind.  We would have loved to have loaded the coolers with fish, but reality was we didn't care what we caught, we were just thankful to get a weekend away without kids.

 Dreaming....  I'd fish just about everyday if I had a boat like this.  That's probably a lie because if I had enough money to buy this boat, I'd also have money to buy a beach house and that would be my preferred choice for relaxation/spending my days as a millionaire.
 Adrienne & Steven Siemsglusz
 The Maurer's
Wes's Texas Grand Slam... a trout, redfish and flounder all in a quick hour trip out in the bay Friday afternoon.
Fishing is not one of the top 25 activities I would put on my hobby list, but it was great to be out on the water and see Wes in his element.  The man loves to fish and he's good at it.  Tides, wind, water depths, fish tendencies... the man knows it all.  We let the guys do most of the fishing, but Adrienne and I did get out of the boat and wade fish on Saturday and we were ok with staying out on the water from 8:30am - 4pm.
At nights we enjoyed dinner, drinks and shuffleboard out on the town.  Great weekend with great friends!

I must note that we got home from POC around 2pm on Sunday.  Wes had a Monday morning guided trip to Galveston planned with his dad and Uncle Doug.  So after unpacking and house to-do's, he was in bed early Sunday night only to get up at 3am to be in Galveston to dock at 6am.  At 6:45am, I got a text saying that they had already limited out!  We had grilled fish for dinner and have enough in the freezer to feed a small army.

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