Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School 2012

 Ready for the first day of school 2012!
 Caleb is an Ocean Treasure at St. Paul's CDS. 
 Austin is a Kindergartener at Brenham Elementary School
Avery is a Kindergartener at Brenham Elementary School.
Well, we have started the school year!!  We were on schedule most of the morning - managed to get in a (somewhat) healthy breakfast, take the 1st day of school pics and make it out the door without having to run back in because someone forgot something.  They told us we could walk A&A in the first day so I took advantage of that.  They showed no hestitation, walked right to their table and started on the planned activity.  When I dropped off Caleb in the carline, he practically jumped out.  Let's hope this enthusiasm continues!!

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