Thursday, August 30, 2012

This guy is lovin' school!

Last Thursday, Caleb walked into my bathroom as I was getting ready for work and asked if he had to go to school (summer care).  He fell to the floor and cried real years when my response was "yes."  This little man was too much into summer mode and grew VERY fond of the days he got to stay home with Kelcie or daddy.  He was a bear when I would have to wake him up on school days and grumbled the first 30 minutes.
Fast forward a week... he is the first one dressed and telling me he's ready to go before A&A are even out of bed.  Tuesday he came home and wanted to read first thing because he wanted to color in a few apples on his reading sheet and he's been sitting at the table and practicing writing his name the last two nights.  Talk about a huge turn around!!!  Love to see him so excited about school and learning.

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