Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend at Jason's

Ask A,A,&C to tell you the greatest place on earth and chances are they won't respond "Disney World."  Nope, they'll pass on the plane ride and Mickey Mouse ears and instead buckle up for a quick drive to Austin, TX to Travis Green Dr, aka Uncle Jason's.
This past weekend, Wes & I headed out of town while A&A&C were shipped to stay with Jason & Bruce.  Their weekend consisted of a train ride in Zilker Park, Pop Rocks, disappearing ink, Austin Children's Museum, 3 hours in the pool 3 days straight, Bubble tape, trip to the "open and play with it" toy store, unlimited fruit snacks, playground time, evening movies and gourmet kid meals.  (anything that comes out of Jason's kitchen is considered gourmet.)  Spoiling them a little, maybe???

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