Monday, September 24, 2012

Fair time

Yee haw!!  It's boot & spurs time y'all.  The rodeo, the funnel cake, the show animals, the carnival rides... yep it's fair time.  Our crew loves the fair and all the craziness it has to offer.  We managed to spend two full nights down at the fair grounds and that was enough.  After one night or riding rides at the carnival and the next night of the kids wanting to ride rides, but us not letting them, we were faired out.  This year the highlight for A&A was the carnival.... they could ride "big" kids rides including "Zero Gravity", which made me queasy just watching them get on.  Round and round and round and round they went and when they came off, they got right back in line.  Good thing we didn't eat dinner until after the rides.

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