Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My grandpa....

I finally found this picture.... I knew I had one of just Gpa Keen and I somewhere!  This was taken in 2010, gpa was 96.
Today we say our final goodbyes to grandpa.  There is sadness, but we are all at peace with the fact that he is farming cows and holding hands with my grandma in heaven.  He lived 98 great years... minus the last two months.  It won't be the same going down to the farm knowing he won't be meeting us there to keep an eye on us.  It will be odd walking into their home and not seeing him drinking coffee in his recliner.  His "spot" in church will now be empty and my guess is that no one will ever attempt to fill it.
Grandpa was a simple man, didn't need fluff and fancy things. He thought they were wasteful and instead preferred to spend his time and money on the farm. He was proud of his 500 acres - the fishing ponds, the garden, his tractor, and most of all his cows. The family sometimes joked that if they believed in reincarnation, they wanted to come back as one of Pete Keen's cows because he took such good care of them.  Grandpa was a Christian man, church was always a priority and we was respected by every single person in the congregation.  He loved watching women's college basketball (loved the Baylor Bears), took care of the hummingbirds in his backyard, enjoyed a bowl of squirrel and dumplings, and is now back with the love of his life, grandma.

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