Sunday, September 9, 2012

Kempers at the Beach

Back in May, Toppe booked our annual summer family trip to the beach.  We decided to go to Galveston again as the drive is just too easy and best with small kids.  They have some great house options and we tend to just be beach bums so other entertainment isn't really an issue.  As the summer passed by, we became concerned with Grandpa Pete's health and weren't sure we'd be going to the beach since mom was taking care of him.  Then he passed away the week we were scheduled to go.  After a little discussion, it became clear that a trip to the beach was just what mom and the rest of us needed so off to the beach we went.

 A view of our house from the beach.  We always get a beach front house because we are ones that park our cars the day we get there and don't start them again until it's time to go home.  We try our best to pack everything we'll need including a food for the whole crew.  
 Our whole crew... this obviously wasn't at the beach.  Our house was part of another condo complex so we had access to their pool.  Great option after a few days of salt and sand.
                                                                   Maurer Party of Five!
  Toppe & Grandpa and the kids they love to spoil.
 Beach activities include:
Catching fish... or whatever comes in our net
 Drawing names in the sand.
 Baseball and kickball.
 Running and dancing in the water or whatever Avery is doing in this picture... 
 Soccer lessons from  dad...

 Feeding seagulls

The highlight activity of the trip this year was trapping sand crabs. Each night we'd head out with flash lights and spot sand crabs that were out for their midnight strolls.  The boys each had a bug net and would whop them down on top of a crab that they were able to get close too.  When I am in a bad mood, I just need to think of them trying to chase a few of those crabs scurry across the beach.  It was hilarious!

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