Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to school update....

4 days down.... 176 to go.  School is in full swing and Maurer Party of 5 is adjusting to the new schedule.  With me teaching this year, there are some pretty big changes, one of those being an earlier rise time.  Last year I was able to let the kids sleep until around 7am.  After that they'd walk to the couch, slowly wake up and I'd get their clothes out for the day and we'd hopefully be out the door by 7:40am so that they were at school  by 8:00am.  Now, I have to be at school no later than 7:45am so clothes and lunches are ready the night before and I start stirring kids at 6:45am.They have to put clothes on before walking out of their room and walk straight to the kitchen for breakfast.  We try to leave the house at 7:15am.  So far, so good... but it is only day 4 and we don't have anything extra happening in the evening... yet.

Day 2 was a bit stressful as I had a classroom electrical malfunction and missing child.  Yes, I said missing child and it was my own!  I did not have a volleyball game as previously planned so I intended to pick the kids up from school.  After waiting in the carline, without my cell phone (left at school,) I picked up Avery & Austin and waited as they called Caleb's name over the intercom at least 3 times.  No Caleb, no Caleb, no Caleb... Then I got word that he was put on the school employee bus to be dropped off at high school.  My heart dropped!  My "baby" was on a strange bus with strange people going to a strange place.  I just prayed he knew to get off at high school and prayed I could get back to the school before he did.  Without my cell I couldn't call anyone but I was able to "phone a friend" and find a friend in carline to call up to the high school to make sure if Caleb got back to high school before I did, he would be taken care of.  I had so many different thoughts on the 5 mile trip back to high school.  I was relieved when I saw Caleb walk off the bus 5 minutes after I returned back to school.  He hug me tight, I hugged him tighter! 

I personally am overwhelmed, excited, and exhausted.  I need more hours in the day to do everything I feel like I should be doing but right now I am surviving by staying one step ahead, literally.   Can't wait for Christmas break!

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