Sunday, August 4, 2013


We are beach lovers.... give us sun, sand and waves and we are happy people.  Add a beautiful ocean front beach house, awesome family and a few days without an agenda and we are REALLY happy people.  We spent the last 5 days with Toppe & Grandpa, Steven, Candice and Jack at Crystal Beach.  It was almost perfect... the guys would say it wasn't perfect because the fish weren't biting. 

We "survived" in this house.  We had to remind everyone that the Eyes of Texas were upon us.

We found hundreds of hemit crabs.

Beautiful beach ... and very little seaweed!

Toppe treated the kids to the ice cream truck. 

Sand castle time.

The big guys play a lot of washers.  This year the little guys got in on the action.  Wes was offically declared "King of the Beach" for his washer throwing skills.


Napping.... this house had the BEST porch for a power nap after a full day at the beach.
Grill master.

Bean bags.

Hanging out with Aunt Candice.

Wes saw a cloud of bait fish coming through and this is the all he caught with one cast of the net.

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