Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Rewind

Halloween.... so glad it's only a one day event and so glad it only happens once a year. I have never been a big Halloween fan, never been one to go all out and get dressed up in costume, but with our crew the Halloween festivities must go on. The kids had a costume party at school, a Halloween bday party, and then trick-or-treating so at least their costumes got worn more than once. The highlight - the CANDY, too much candy. We have candy, candy, and more candy. Much of that candy has already disappered so that it can be taken to various locations away from our house. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the kitchen garbage bag full that was collected last night.
We tried not to get too worn out Halloween night. We made a few stops at family around town and then we were invited to go door to door trick or treating with a few friends. We went to about 8 houses and that was enough. We were tired, loaded down with candy and daddy was anxious to get home to watch UT football. We ended the night at Mimi's for supper, football and the kids got to run off their sugar high.
Costume pics below!

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