Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Parent/Teacher conference

Today I met with Ms. Jones for my first official parent/teacher conference for Avery & Austin. Don't worry this was scheduled, not a meeting about a problem. They evaluate all the kids in variousdifferent skills and then report it to the parents. Good news is that Avery & Austin are right on track with other kids their age. As I have mentioned before, I am always thinking about the fact that A&A are the youngest in their class w/ August birthdays, but right now they seem to be doing just fine.
I was not suprised to hear Ms. Jones say that Austin was a great kid at school. He is very much a boy.... loves boy things - dirt, blocks, and bugs. He tends to use his left hand for cutting and writing and he enjoys listening to books. His coloring pictures showed that he followed directions but doesn't get too detailed with filling in everything. He had drawn a "self portrait" that was more detailed that I expected considering I have never asked them to draw themselves. They have also been working on writing their name and well lets just say, it's something we need to work on.
Avery does well at school, but like at home, her attention span is a bit short. She wants to be in on the action and likes to stay by Ms. Jones side, especially when other kids are getting one on one attention. She's a leader and a social butterfly. In the classroom, her favorite thing is playing in centers with the magnetic blocks. Her coloring is very complete, most items filled in. She is doing a much better job writing her name, but Ms. Jones said girls take more interest in that early on. Her self portrait showed 4 different "people", not sure who was who...

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