Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Never a dull moment....

I usually update the blog when something is "happening" - bday party, family event - or when the kids do something out of the ordinary. I wanted to post a few of the small things that we get to experience day to day.
- A few Sunday's ago I was ironing my pants (on the floor) before church. Of course we were running late and crunched for time. Caleb had found a bottled water and managed to open it. He came up to me and poured the bottle of water on my pants. I guess he had seen me pour water into the iron and he was trying to help. Um.... not quite the help I was looking for.
- Austin loves to play buck n' bull with Wes. We were given a small pair of chaps and he loves to put them on with just his underwear and cowboy hat - yes, it is quite hilarious. He even talks in a twang when he is in the cowboy garb. The other day I took out a pair of athletic pants for him to wear to school and he said, "No mama, I got to wear jeans like a cowboy."
- Speaking of clothes, Avery usually refuses to wear what I take out for her for school at least 3 days of the week. She prefers dresses and jeans over comfy play pants. We have a high maintenance girl on our hands.
- "Yay Yay" is still what Caleb calls Avery and it brings a smile to my face everytime I hear it, especially when he yells it real loud - priceless.
- Caleb has this new thing where he acts like a puppy and pants with his tongue hanging out. He'll go around the house for 30 minutes acting like that?!?
- Some nights after supper and bath, we play school and Miss Macaroni comes to teach the kids. Who is Miss Macaroni? Your's truly, but Miss Macaroni digs through my closet for mismatched hat, scarf, shoes and jewelry. I look pretty hideous, but it makes the kids laugh and so it's worth it.
- Caleb is still quite the daddy's boy. We know he's awake when he yells "da da." During the week when Wes has already left to go to work and I walk in Caleb looks at me and starts to cry "no mama, no" "da da". One morning he was in his bed for a good 15 minutes before he let me take him out. It's getting better. Let's just say he prefers the weekends when Wes is home.

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