Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our sleeping monster....

When Austin was close to a year old, he had night tremors. I remember them vividly. For about a month he would wake up crying in the middle of the night. When we went to get him in his crib, his eyes would be open, but he was obviously not awake. He would cry and scream and nothing soothed him. If we'd pick him up, he would scream louder and often times push us away. There were nights I remember taking him out into the cold night air in order to wake him up and calme him down. It was like he was a different person when he was having the tremors, and it scarred me for a while until I found out this was fairly common in young kids.
Well, the night time fussing has returned. Austin's not having night tremors, but he does wake crying from dreams and he is down right mean sometimes when we go to try and calm him down. I am not very patient when woken at 2am by his crying. Rubbing his back and talking to him doesn't always work. I am hoping this too is a phase.

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