Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All for a peanut butter cup.....

Before reading this post, I must warn all those non parents or parents who have not experienced the joy of potty training that you may find this a bit disturbing. Those of you who have had to change wet bed sheets in the middle of the night will understand.
As mentioned in Avery's previous post, Wes and I are putting an end to the kids crawling into bed with us halfway through the night. Every once in a while is ok, but if it happens every night it could create some major issues in the future. I can just imagine Avery at her first sleep over, crawling into bed with the parents half way through the night - uh oh. So we have had some heart to heart discussions with Austin and Avery and told them they need to be big boys and girls and stay in their own bed all night long. Not too much to ask, right? After one of these discussions, Avery randomly told Wes she wanted a peanut butter cup from his candy stash in the outside fridge. His response "You can have one tomorrow if you stay in your bed all night long."
Fast forward to the next morning when I go to wake the kids, who stayed in their bed all night long! I first see jammies wadded up in the middle of the floor and notice it is the gown that Avery had put on the night before. My eyes immediately dart to the wet ring in Avery's bed. On top of that ring is Avery, sound asleep in a new set of jammies. Poor thing had an accident during the night and was determined to stay in her bed so she changed jammies on her own and got back in bed. She must have really wanted that peanut butter cup!!!!
Of course the next heart to heart discussion we had was the importance of waking up mommy and daddy if there was an accident so we change bed sheets and clean up before going back to sleep in our own beds. Oh the joys of parenthood!!!


The Schramm Clan said...

sounds oh so familiar!! and I don't mind if she comes to our bed Friday...however....we have had the heart to heart with Kennedy too this past week. Do you think they all got together on this?

Unknown said...

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