Sunday, February 21, 2010

Caleb's 2nd Brithday

We had a few friends and family over for Caleb's 2nd birthday.

Mimi made the cake. It looked great and tasted HEAVENLY!

Caleb loved the balloons.

Mmmmm.... cheese dip! Thanks, Toppe.

Blowing out candles. Avery had to help him out!
Checking out the cookies Uncle Jason made.

Avery & Aunt Candice

Hey, Bryce, you're cool,but don't get too close.

It really meant a lot to us for Grandpa Pete to come from Rockdale. He turned 96 last week!

Caleb & Mimi

Opening presents was a group effort.

Avery enjoyed getting to play mama and help feed Addison.
My personal chef came to whip up homeade spaghetti sauce for 40. My kitchen smelled amazing and I didn't even have to open a can! Thanks so much, Jason.

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