Sunday, February 28, 2010

A quiet Sunday night

It's Sunday evening and there is a rare sense of peace in our house. Our princess chose not to take a nap today and a 7pm episode of Dora put her down for the count. When she is MIA, things seem to be a bit more relaxed in the house. Got to love her, but Avery knows how to stir things up. Austin has learned to just go the other way. When she tries to instigate something, he goes into the other room and plays by himself. Caleb is still learing and when the two of them are together, someone winds up in time out. She and I seem to not see eye-to-eye about a variety of things these last few days including her constant request for candy. She's having a hard time understanding that she doesn't get everything she asks for, but we're working on it.
We had a good weekend - Friday night Mexican food w/ all the grandparents, a beautiful Saturday of playing outside, a fun bday party at the park - with the carousel, Sunday morning church, and Sunday afternoon at Toppe's house.
Another note to mention would be my Saturday moring trip to HEB with Avery & Caleb. I almost made it out the door with only Avery, but Caleb insisted on coming along and I just couldn't say no. Austin was content knowing that if he stayed behind he'd get to do some tractor work with his daddy, so I loaded up my high maintenance children and hoped for the best. It started off great, Caleb sitting in the front, Avery walking by me and helping get items off the shelf when she could reach - it was almost too easy. Well, that was until Caleb decided he needed to be down on the ground helping take items off the shelf. This resulted in 2 boxes of Ritz - regular and wheat, 10 packages of Ramen noodles (one of Avery's favorites), generic & "Raisin Girl" raisins, and 2 huge tubs of butter. Of course this was in addition to the little "extras" that weren't on my list, but Avery thought we needed - drinkable yogurt & cheesy chex mix. By the final aisle, I was able to secretly take most of the extras out of the basket, but I obviously missed a few because as I was unloading the basket I discovered 2 cans of Vienna sauages (never bought those in my life) and corn tortillas. As I told the checker that I didn't want these items, she looked at Avery & Caleb and smiled. I think I will leave my grocery store trips to my week day lunch breaks.


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