Thursday, June 3, 2010

A beautiful end to a rainy day..

Yeah for rain... we so needed the rain. In addition to the dark skies and heavy clouds, the day over all was pretty gloomy. Caleb was home for his second day with fever and it was day one of fever for Austin. Not sure what really is going on, but wouldn't you know that they would go the whole school year without a sick day and day 2 of summer brings on a fever. Wes stayed home with the boys and since he was keeping two, he might was well keep all 3. He attempted to take Avery to swim lessons and only got in 15 mintues before the rain started back. There was a series of events that occured when Wes was trying to get the kids dressed and loaded back in the car after the rain. I didn't get all the details but it involved kids locking the doors and needing to go to the bathroom. He also had taxi duty for getting Avery to her first gymnastics class - 4 pm.... next week. He found out that second minor second detail as he drove up to a dark building and empty parking lot. Oops! Needless to say he was glad for me to get home from work so he could unwind.

This was the beautiful view we had out the back door after the rain. This photo does not do it justice. It was the brightest rainbow I have ever seen!

And these are our puddle jumpers.... perfectly mismatched. They cannot stay dressed in the same outfit all day long and rummage through their drawers and closets for the oddest combinations. Drives me crazy, but not a battle worth picking.


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