Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just things...

Last I reported we moved Avery so that she has her own room and the boys are sharing digs. Well, this still suits our princess just fine and she has slept sound in her bed every night since. Caleb is still adjusting and I think part of his uncertainty is that there are also some changes at school for him that involve new friends and new teachers. May have been a bit too much change for our little man at one time. We're dealing with it though and helping him get through it one hug at a time.
We have VBS this week, Sun - Thurs evenings from 5:00pm - 8:15pm. This means we go straight from work/school out to church and don't arrive home until at least 8:30pm. They serve a meal at 5pm so the good news is I don't have to worry about supper at all this week! We made VBS a family affair this year. All 3 kids are in a class and Wes & I are in charge of games. We've participated in some pretty mean games of kickball.
Swim lessons wrapped up last week. We had good days and bad days. The rain last week made consistency a bit difficult, but in the end I thought the kids made good progress. Avery actually did some swimming strokes and showed no fear. Austin was still a bit hesitant about being let go on his own, but he was did a good job of putting his face in the water and floating.
Avery started gymnastics last week. She loved it but was pretty exhausted when it was done. I'll do a full report on that at a later date.
Otherwise, we are rockin' and rollin'. Everyday is a new adventure.


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