Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A swimmer, a jumper, and a lounger

The kids and I made a little get away to Travis Green Retreat, aka Uncle Jason's, on Friday since Wes was gone fishing. We took Mimi along for the ride and planned an overnight trip. We got in plenty of pool time. The water was nice and cool, just right for the hot, humid days we've been having. I had kids hanging all over me at first - lots of "mama, hold me's" -, but after a while, I was able to bring in recruits while I sat on a lounge chair and observed. There were 3 different attitudes in the pool.
Avery (the swimmer) - I'm jumping in whether I can swim or not. I can come back to the top and swim back to the side, even if I drink half the pool. I don't need your help... but oh, she did!
Caleb (the jumper) - I want to jump in, but you better catch me. Please let me do it again and again and again.
Austin (the lounger) - This shallow step is a pretty cool place to hang. I can shoot water guns and splash Uncle Jason without having to go in the deep and put my face in the water. Think I'll stay here all day.
As always, we had a great time at Jason and Bruce's. Already planning our next trip.


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