Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is Thanksgiving morning, still dark outside, and the rest of my crew is sleeping peacefully in bed. I on the other hand am enjoying an ice cold diet coke and some peaceful silence before we start the day. Yeah, me! Today is a time when we are supposed to stop and focus on all the things we are thankful for. Of course, we should do this more than once a year and I try, but often times don't do a very good job.
I think my thankful list could be a mile long and that in itself is a blessing. I am most thankful for my family, especially my husband, A, A, &C. Each one is amazing in their own way and I love them sooo much. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Hope you spend the day with those you love and that you wear your most comfortable stretchy pants to the Thanksgiving feast.

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