Monday, February 14, 2011

The things we do for our children

So, it is Valentines evening and though Wes and I aren't huge romantics, most Vday's we at least plan a "special" dinner - a night out, pick up something so we don't have to cook, or steak and shrimp on the grill. Well, this year is a bit different. Tonight was chicken nuggets for the kids and a salad for me. Wes was on his own. He's having a very special Valentines evening in his truck... in the kids school parking lot.... all alone - well, actually with many other determined parents who signed in and are staying onsite to ensure their kids get in the classes they want them in next year at dayschool. It is an insane process... there are a limited number of spots in many of the classes and the only way to guarantee you get a spot is to get there early and stay up all night!
We have been torn with what Avery & Austin will do next year. Our babies are ready for Kindergarten!! So hard to believe, but it's true and after much thought and prayer we have decided to keep them at St. Paul's at least one more year. Our next decision was full day or half day of Kindergarten. We figure that since our kids have to be there all day since we both work, we should go for full day. There's only 15 spots available for the full day class and that is why Wes had to go up to school at 7:00pm this evening and take spots 13 & 14. To keep those spots he is supposed to stay there onsite all night until official registration time - 7:00am tomorrow morning. At that time they start going down the list of those that have signed in and for some reason that just seems to be what works for St. Paul's. CRAZY - yes, but it's we'll do it for our kids and some piece of mind.
Caleb's situation isn't quite as tight, there are still 15 open spots, but we want to make sure he is in a 3 day class instead of 2-day. Thanks to a great dad and husband, that is taken care of!

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The Schramm Clan said... insane process. Amazing parents though:)