Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday supper

We had the perfect spot to take the A&A for their "real" birthday - Shoguns in Cypress.  We knew they'd get a kick out of having the food cooked right in front of them on the hibachi grill and with it being a Monday night, waiting wouldn't be an issue.  We invited the grandparents to come along and we had a blast.  The kids loved the onion volcano, "egg roll", kid-friendly chopsticks & fried rice toss.  I will note that out of everyone, Wes and I were the only ones to catch the rice ball in our mouth.  They enjoyed a special "Happy Birthday - cha cha cha" song and filled their bellies.  It was a great way to celebrate the "big 5". 

 Avery & Austin opted for steak while Caleb chose chicken.  We all enjoyed the delicious fried rice.
 Austin was pretty good (and patient) with his chop sticks
Caleb did not like the fire!
 Avery's Mickey Mouse style fried rice
Our whole crew!

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