Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week recap

Hello Fall!  We'd really appreciate if the Texas temps would coincide with the season.  Putting out pumpkins in 90 degree weather just isn't working for me.  Between football, festivals, and attempting to run, we are needing some cooler temps to make things a bit more enjoyable, dare I say tolerable.
 It's been a busy week.  I should stop saying that because busy is "normal."  Monday Avery scored 5 goals at her soccer game.  She's aggressive on the field and likes competition.  As we were walking away from the field that night, she said "mom, I like to play other good girls.  I like to see if I can beat them."  Could make for an interesting athletic career.
 Tuesday this #2 scored his first official soccer goal.  Instead of hanging back to play defense he got up in the action and took the ball to the goal!
 This little guy was out at the beginning of the week with a stomach bug.  We thank him for not spreading it to anyone else in the house.  His buddy spike kept him company on the couch.
 Speaking of Spike... he's growing!   
Our reptile collection is growing.  Today Toppe, Avery and I went to Chappell Hill to the Scarecrow Festival and managed to pick up two tiny turtles.  Seemed every kid there had one of these cages in their hands.  I was sold on the "low maintenance" aspect.

In other news, Avery lost her second tooth... pulled it herself on our way home from her 5-goal soccer game.  Tooth fairy must learn to stock up on $1 bills.

Wes got the opportunity to go to the UT/OU football game this past weekend.  Let's just say it wasn't the outcome we were hoping for and he was home well before original estimated arrival time.

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