Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birthday boy

Caleb was excited to go to school on his birthday to bring "birthday snack" and share these special cupcakes he requested from Mimi.  His mind was on football this year so football cupcakes he got.

 Birthday Boy

This guy loves money though he doesn't totally understand it yet.  Here's a $5 bill for the 5 yr old.
After school, Caleb was excited to open his presents.... a kid's 2013 almanac and...

A Denver Bronco's hat and Manning jersey.... his request after walking through the Denver airport.

We gave Caleb his choice for eating out for dinner for his birthday but he opted to stay in and have his daddy grill steak.  We added noodles, salad, and green beans... the 5-yr old feast, minus the green beans.  After dinner we sang happy birthday and enjoyed cupcakes and ice cream!

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