Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hard to believe that this little guy is 5.  I think I need to check his birth certificate and make sure we didn't accidently add a year somewhere along the way.  It almost seems impossible that 5 years ago we were at the hospital waiting to meet this little guy. 
This morning as we were getting ready for school, I was telling Caleb about the day he was born and it sent me down memory lane.  I remember the exact walk Wes and I took down the hospital hallway when Wes said, "Do you like Caleb?"  It was in that moment that we were still trying to pick out a boys name, just in case.  We didn't know the gender of the baby, but everyone was so certain that it was a girl.  Good thing he mentioned "Caleb", because just a few hours later, we met our son. 
Caleb completes our Family of Five and we can't imagine life without him.

At the ripe age of 5, Caleb is our comic relief.  He loves to draw, write his name, and prefers to end every night with cookies and milk.  He's a ladies man though over the year his girlfriends have dwindled from 17 to 2.  He tries to look good for the ladies and has gotten into a routine of putting gel in his hari every moring and brushing it smooth.  He looks quite handsome!!  He'll be starting tball next week and I'm sure he'll keep us entertained on the baseball diamond.
Happy Birthday, Caleb!!!!  Love you to the moon and back!!!

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