Saturday, March 23, 2013

Little League 2013

3 kids = 3 tball schedules = 1 VERY BUSY spring.

Austin is on the CHICAGO CUBS in the tball 6 division.  Wes is managing the team.  They hit off the tee the first half of the season and then move to coach pitch.  I think we're going to see some great things from this guy this year.

Caleb is onthe HOUSTON ASTROS in the tball 5 division.  Wes is coaching his team.  This is Caleb's first year of tball.  Can't wait to see him show us his stuff!

Avery is a FLORIDIA GATOR in the 5/6 tball softball division.  I'm managing the team.  Avery's has some pretty awesome skills so we're excited to see how well she does out on the field.

It took me almost an hour to put all three of their tee ball schedules in my Outlook calendar last week.  There are some weeks where we'll be out at the ballpark four nights straight. Avery & Caleb play on the same nights and there are a few overlaps but at least they play at the same complex this year.  We'll just take one night and game at a time and pray we manage to get everything else done in between.  Play Ball!

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