Sunday, March 17, 2013

Noodles and meat

It is no secret that when we were growing up, there was nothing "gourmet" about my mother's cooking.  Everything served on our plates was pretty plain jane meaning spices consisted of salt and pepper, maybe a little season salt.  We enjoyed fried catfish tails, boiled meat tacos, and broiled sirloin steaks.  Yes, what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger.  (just joking, mom).  There was one meal that we requested often and I'm pretty sure we had at least once a week - "noodles and meat".  Apparently this is similar to boxed Hamburger Helper, but remember, we didn't do spices so the seasoning was salt and pepper.  Turns out, noodles and meat is the perfect meal for our crew on those nights we need to get soemthing fixed fast.  Austin is not much of a noodle fan so the other night when he was at a sleepover, Avery and Caleb helped out in the kitchen.

Here's the low down on this dish:
Ingredients:  1 - 1 1/2 lb ground meat, noodles (we prefer large elbows), 1/4 block Velveeta, milk, salt & pepper
How to prepare:  Ground hamburger meat in large skillet, boil noodles, drain meat, while meat is draining, add milk to cover bottom of skillet, add cheese to milk, when cheese is melted add meat to cheese sauce, drain noodles and add to meat, add salt and pepper to taste, let sit 5 minutes to let sauce settle, enjoy!

I will note that the other night Wes attempted to add a "real" spice to the meat and we didn't think it tasted near as good. Sometimes simpler is better.

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