Friday, March 1, 2013

Lots of love

I love that Austin loves his momma!  Right after Valentines Day, he started doing these drawings with sayings to express how much he loved me.  Just like he is encouraged to do in school, he sounded out the words he wanted to express. 
"I love  you more then 5000 prickls on a caktist"
"I love you diger then Brenm.  I love you diger then TEXAS.  I love you diger then America." 
(He gets his d's and b's mixed up often.  Love that he put TEXAS in all caps.)

"The more necktar I suck.  The more love I get from my mom."
(this one is questionable, but I know he means well :) )

This one was actually for Wes:  "I love you longer then a frogs tung"
 "I love you more then smelly flowers and lovely dows"
 "I love you taller then one of the tallest riandow in the world"
 "I love you hevear then the stachew of lidertea.  A book toeld me the stachew of lidertea wade more then 45 eluefent."
(think this is my favorite... pretty impressive Statue of Liberty for a Kindergartener)

I'm thinking of framing these for those teenage years when the kids don't think I'm quite so cool anymore. 

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Natalie said...

These are priceless, Jamie! What a sweet boy!