Friday, April 19, 2013

Before the Tough Mudder

Back in January, Wes mentioned signing up to do a Tough Mudder.  If you aren't familiar with TM, it's basically a 12 mile obstacle course testing your endurance, strength and in some ways, stupidity, oh and it involves a lot of mud!  I've had a few friends participate in TM and I've always said that doing one is too far "out of my box."  BUT, when Wes mentioned doing this and he was serious, I had to jump on board.  Tomorrow is our big day!

We're headed to Austin tonight to stay at Jason's before our big day tomorrow.  We have a 9:20am start time.  We've got our race gear packed including tennis shoes we are willing to part with when its all over.  Our death waiver is signed and I've watched enough videos of obstacles to know that this is going to be incredibly CRAZY!!

Below are a few pics I found when I googled Tough Mudder.  I think I;m most nervous about the ice bath, aka,  "Arctic Enema".  Stay tuned for a recap of our adventure! 

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