Sunday, April 21, 2013

We are Mudders!!!

Tough Mudder Austin... DONE!!!  What an experience!  It lived up to all the hype.  Here is our team:  "Mind over Mudder".  Christine, far right, had an upper respiratory infection so she didn't get to get dirty with us, but I'm hoping she got some great action shots along the course.  
We were up early Sat morning and headed to Dripping Springs around 7:00am.  Once we found a spot in our designated parking lot, we loaded a school bus to be taken to the official event location.  I admit, my nerves were worse than anything I've felt in a long time, but once we got onsite and joined the thousand other "Mudders", I was just ready to get started.  Wes and I turned in our death waivers and then got our offical number markings.
 Wes getting his marks.
Kelcie & Rocky... our teammates.

There is so much to report on from the minute we took off to the 3 hours, 22 obstacles, and 10.5 miles later when we crossed the finish line caked in mud.  I'm hoping for some of those action shots to blog about that.  For now I can tell you we submerged ourselves in ice water, climbed steep rocky terrain, bear crawled through rocky mud, jumped from 15ft into muddy water, subjected ourselves to electric shocks... the one on my ear was a real "shocker"!, hoisted ourselves over walls, hauled logs, jumped over burning fire, swam through a creek, climbed through dark tunnels, and jogged most of the 10.5 mile course inbetween the obstacles.

Thing I loved about this the most is that I crossed the finish line caked in mud with my hubby!  This was definitely a team effort.

After the race, we found the kids.  Jason, Bruce and the Nelson's had brought them to watch and to see what all the hype was about.  We found them after we crossed the finish line and I think they were scared to touch us.  The looks on their face were priceless.  In this pic you see Avery cringing and Caleb wouldn't come anywhere near us.  Can't say I totatlly blame them....  the very last obstacle was the electric eel - running through electrical wires.  Wes & I both got shocks that took us to our knees.  The mud was thick so once we got through the finish line, we were MUDDY!

My shoes are in this pile.  These shoes will be donated to a good cause and it was one less muddy thing I had to clean.

Wes showcasing the mud, coveted orange head band that only finishers can get, t-shirt and a Dos XX.
After the race, we "showered" with low pressure water hoses, changed in tents provided, and enjoyed a few beverages and live music.  Once back at Jason's we couldn't wait for a shower!  There was no big after party as we were all exhausted, stiff and ready to end the night early.  We did enjoy reliving a few of the obstacles and showing off our knees and elbows that displayed physical proof (scrapes and bruises) of our Tough Mudder experience.  So glad we did this....

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