Saturday, April 6, 2013


It's been a while since Wes got his own post so I thought I'd give him a little blog love today.  This morning he and the boys were up early to fish in a Relay for Life tournament that we are a part of every year.  For those of you who know Wes, he is a major planner (even by profession), so yesterday afternoon he was getting bags, reels, coolers, clothes and anything else he could together so that they could get up first thing this morning and be ready to go.  I am so not a planner, but am getting better and for bday parties and busy weekends, Wes helps keep us prepared.
Wes recently took on a new postition at LCRA about a month ago.  His title is now Compliance Analyst.  I'd be lying if I told you exactly what he did, but it is an exciting move and he's still able to work out of LaGrange and can still work his 4-10 hour days and have Fridays off.  I'm very jealous of the Fridays off but not sure I could get up at 5am every morning like he does to make that happen. 
He's also coaching both boys in tball.  He's the quiet coach, never one to get too loud on the field but he does great with the boys and is always prepared.  When it comes to church, he's the one that makes sure we are up and ready to go and that our attendance is regular.  At home, he keeps up with the outdoor chores,  doesn't mind cooking meals and is the preferred trampoline jumper.  Couldn't ask for a better dad or husband for our crew! 

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