Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter action

We tried to stay active and have a little fun this Easter!!!
Getting ready for an egg hunt at Maurer Easter.
Easter Scarecrow

Caleb checking out his loot.

She was serious!
 A quick game of Red Rover.

Before the egg hunt, the kids made "GAK" - glue, water, and borax = homeade silly puddy and hours of entertainment.
 Bubble Blowing
 At Kemper Easter, you know there had to be a little baseball.
 Confetti eggs!
Getting Uncle Steve with confetti eggs!
Egg toss!

 The kids partnered with the adults for a friendly competition.  Avery and Toppe wound up winning!
My attempt to catch an egg from Aunt Candice!  We forgot to take our wedding rings off so our egg cracked pretty quick.  We'll remember next year!
 Happy Easter!

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