Saturday, May 4, 2013

BES Field Day

Last week was track & field day at Brenham Elementary and Ms. Deramus's Amazing Monkeys brought their "A" game.  Every child participated in 2 events.  Avery & Austin were a part of the shuttle run relay.  Their class got 3rd out of 6.  That was pretty impressive considering they dropped the baton and had a few slips on the wet dewy grass.  Avery represented her class in the 50 yard hurdles.  It as a 1st place finish for her!  Austin was chosen for the 50 yard dash and he too crossed the finish line 1st and got a blue ribbon.  I attempted to get a few action pics but they were too fast for the camera!  Here they are showing off their 1st place finishes.

 Love this....

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