Saturday, May 4, 2013

Maifest 2013

Ahhh.... it's that  time of year again in Brenham.... Maifest, a rich German tradition.  Avery is the only one that opted to be in Maifest this year.  She was in a group of adorable pink poodles that performed "Under the Big Top".  The girls had a lot of fun and nailed their performance at the coronation.  It wound up being a really fun evening! One major difference this year has been the weather.  Usually we are layering sunscreen and fanning the kids off.  This year they wore jackets until their time to perform and we made sure to have plenty of blankets for them on the field.  I prefer the too hot scenario!

Avery was part of the Maipole dance that performed at the kickoff picnic and right before the beginning of each coronation.  She had to wear a sundress and then quickly changed into a poodle.

Getting ready for Maipole on center stage.

Our pink poodle.

Parade time... we were the first ones to the float and had a few photo ops :) 
After the parade she said she tried to wave the whole time but that her arm got really tired. 

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