Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 in a blind

This past Saturday we had a Maurer Party of Five family first.  On a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon, we layered up and headed to Milano for some quality family time in a box blind.  Wes was wanting to take the boys to our family land to see if anything was coming to the feeders and in the eyes of many hunters, this was the perfect weather.  In the eyes of this mama, it was just cold.  

Heading to the deer blind through the woods.

Yep, all 5 of us squeezed in there.

Happy hunters.... and noise makers
Following the trail
To expect three kids to sit still and just look out the window would create some pretty high expectations.  Instead, we were equipped with 2 ipads, books, paper and 2 phones so we could stream some football live.  AND we had a propane heater.  Yep, didn't have to "rough" it too bad.

At one point in the blind, I felt something crawling on my head.  Austin looked at me and said, "mom there is a wasp in  your hair!"  Wes hit it off and we soon found that there was a nest on the roof of the blind.  Good thing the cold weather keeps them from flying.  We played smush the bug with several other wasps!

No deer ever came to the feeder that day.  Can't say I blame them... there was a lot of that noise coming from our blind.  It was nice to sit and enjoy the outdoors with our crew.  Quality family time at it's best!

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