Saturday, November 2, 2013


Back in August, as we were trying to figure out what to get A&A for their Bday, Avery started asking for an American Girl Doll.  These dolls are all the rage for girls her age and she was ready to join the AGD club.  You can't get one of these dolls from just anywhere and if you want to do it "right", you go to the stores which have limited locations and make it a full day experience.... you know, pick out the doll, a few outfits, take her to the AGD salon in the store, and then lunch at the AGD bistro.
Well, we opted not to get Avery an AGD for her bday and she's been asking about one ever since.  A few weekends ago, Wes took the boys to the deer lease which left a perfect opportunity for she and I to head to Houston and pick out an early Christmas present.
Meet Julie.  She rarely leaves Avery's side and she's been all around town with us.  I love seeing Avery read to her and take care of her.

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