Sunday, November 24, 2013

Proud parent moment

This past Thursday as I was going through backpacks after school, I found an envelope in Avery's folder that was addressed to "Avery's parents". I opened it to find a full hand written note (that is so rare these days!) from a parent of one of Avery's classmates. The mom was writing a letter of appreciation. Apparently her daughter, Avery's friend, had been sick causing her to have an embarassing accident at school. Some of the girls in the class started laughing at her, but Avery stepped up and told them to leave her alone because she was sick. The mom was thankful that Avery had the courage to stand up for her daughter and not follow the crowd and join in the laughing. As I read the note, tears filled my eyes. It mades me sad to hear about a child being laughed at for something they can't control and it made me extremely proud to know that our daughter stepped up and did the right thing by taking up for her friend. I pray Avery always handles that situation that way. We all know girls can be mean and life will only get harder... we all need friends to stand up for us!

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