Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Austin's Big Kill

This past weekend, the Maurer boys headed to Mason to deer camp.  There is always a hunting plan in place but sometimes... plans change.  The original plan was for Austin to shoot a doe or maybe a cull buck and Wes had his eyes on a 9-pointer that he had seen the weekend before.  Three Maurers sat in the blind Friday evening and watched as the feeder went off.  Austin had his eyes on a doe at first, then changed his mind when a cull 6-pointer walked in and he focused in on him.  But next here comes the nice 9-pointer walking in, the same 9-pointer Wes had on his hit list!  Austin looked up at Wes and said "here dad, you can shoot.... I can wait".  Yes, he's our thoughtful one!  Wes was proud of him for being so kind and thoughtful and asked him if he wanted to shoot the 9-pointer. Austin jumped on the opportunity. Right before the shot Austin looks up from the scope and whispers to Wes 'dad....my heart is beating' and Wes whispers back 'mine is too'. Austin then made a great shot! These are the moments that won't be forgotten!

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