Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Miserable Winter

We live in Texas, Central Texas, where we are accustomed to blistering heat, scorching sun and 100 degree temps for days on end.  We expect the weather to warm up after Christmas.  Our closets are stocked with flip flops, tank tops and light weight clothing. We do not like winter, especially a truly cold winter and this winter has been especially brutal.  I know, I know it is nothing compared to what states see up north, but the key is we don't like cold, aren't prepared for ice and snow, and that is why we live in Texas.  This year we've had more days of freezing temps than I can remember and it's caused for late school starts and a full ice day... even though we didn't have much ice.  We Texans freak out about the possibility of ice on roads.
I might add these cold temps make it miserable on the softball field.
I'm hoping things turn around real soon..... bring on the sunshine and sun tan.

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