Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Monday....

So we are back into some what of a routine. There is no "normal" around our house. We never know who is going to wake up in a good mood or who will come home determined to drive us crazy. After we got home from school/work today, we hit a small rough patch. At one point I think all three kids were crying and I was on the verge of tears or a bottle of wine! I didn't give into either, but instead tried to take a deep breath... "I think I can, I think I can..." Eventually the crying stopped.... Caleb got fed, Avery was picked up and Austin got his juice. Avery has been a bit challenging lately. She keeps climbing up on the counters after being told not to. She knows what she is not supposed to do, turns and makes sure that we are watching, and then does it. Ooohh... we are in trouble.

Here is Austin riding on the tractor with Wes. Wes is about done with the tank project. For those of you who have been to our place, you know there is a tank on the property. It hasn't been holding water and needed to be cleaned out. About 3 months ago, the tank was drained, lined with bentonite and now we are waiting for it to fill. Wes did a lot of tractor work and this picture is from today, the first day Austin would get on the tractor. When we asked Avery if she wanted to ride, she said "no, I wanna go inside and get some Chex Mix." She is such her mother's child!

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