Friday, January 23, 2009

Normal chaos

Another week has come and gone. Not much new happening outside of the usual chaos that we call our life... Austin continues to refuse to get dressed in the mornings until I walk out the door and threaten to leave him. Cruel... I know, but it works. Avery on the other hand loves to get dressed in the morning and will usually put on what I pick out for her. My battle with her now is her hair. She wants to pick the clips to wear and wouldn't you know that she chooses the green ones when she wears pink and the red ones when she wears green. She prefers not to wear bows and I learned not to fight that battle months ago. We only wear them on the weekends and I have learned to live with that. I tried to curl her hair for the first time last weekend and she wasn't a fan. I'm hoping she lets me do it for the wedding she is in next weekend. Caleb is getting into everything. His favorite new activity: playing with the dishwasher. I will put the door down to load dishes and pull the bottom drawer out and he plays for a good 30 minutes with whatever is in there. I put all the knives in the back so he can't reach them. Is this the safest activity for him? No, but he's content and I can watch him and "cook" supper while he does it. I will try and post some recent pics soon. I guess I need to take some first though in order to get that accomplished!!!

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