Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday at home

Nothing like a low key day at home after a being on the run over the holidays. We all needed some down time... The kids were able to play outside for a good while - is it really January?!? - and I finally de-Christmased the house, man it looks bare now.
Avery and Austin are at a point where we don't need to keep an constant eye on them. We just stay close and run when someone starts to cry... depending on the pitch of the cry. They get along most of the time. They are true best friends - hugging each other one minute and pushing each other the next. They love their bouncing house and I am wondering when the newness will rub off, hopefully no time soon. Caleb is growing everyday. He is standing on his own and taking a few steps at a time. We have to stay close because he takes a step or two and then lunges forward, arms out wanting us to catch him. He laughs hysterically when he does this... we can't help but laugh too.

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October Smith said...

hmmmm...I REALLY don't miss the diaper days! :)