Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Recap

We had a jam packed Easter weekend, and despite the running from place to place, it was very enjoyable. Friday the Easter bunny showed up at Toppe's house, Saturday was brunch at the Jasinski's, Saturday evening was Easter at Aunt Dorothy's and then Sunday we went to church and had lunch and an Easter egg hunt at Aunt Bonnie's. Needless to say, we all enjoyed a little down time Sunday night, though I spent most of the time putting away Easter goodies and sorting through candy.... yes, we could now open a small candy store.
This was Caleb's first time to hunt eggs and truth is he wasn't really into it... wait until next year. Austin was more interested about what was inside the eggs. Once he figured out there was candy inside, he would stop and open everyone. He liked the ones that had candy that wasn't wrapped so he could eat it on the spot. Avery... well, Easter egg hunting didn't do much for her. When it was time for the egg hunt at the Jasinski's on Saturday morning, all the kids took out full force to hunt eggs. Avery got about 3 in her basket and brought it too me for her to hold so that she could go swing.... yes, she has a mind of her own.
I've attached a few pics thanks to the fam. I have "misplaced" my camera... good thing we have a new one ordered.
Caleb getting a kick out of the bunnies.

Caleb, Kennedy Schramm & Austin checking out the inside of the Easter eggs.
Maurer cousins and the Easter bunny.... aka Kelcie.
Poor bunny.... Doug let 4 little bunnies go... you should have seen the kids chasing after them.
Egg huntin'
Thanks, Easter Bunny!

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