Thursday, April 30, 2009

uneventful post....

Wes is fishing this weekend so it's just the kids and I. Managing all 3 by myself is doable, but not my idea of a "fun" time. I recruit help for the nights Wes is gone. Between Mimi, Toppe, and Kelcie I am able to keep my sanity. Not much else going on.... Austin was sick at the beginning of the week.... no worries, not the swine flu. He started going down hill on Sunday and we should have seen it right away when he turned down food.... he never turns down food. Now he is feeling better, thank goodness. He is extrememly whiny when he's sick and at times that makes it hard to be sympathetic.

Kelcie reading to Avery. Kelcie helps out SOOOO much with the kids. We are so lucky to have her!

Hey, are you in there???

Getting ready for bed...

Da plane, da plane!!!

Playing in the hose.... a new favorite activity

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