Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Polar Express

ALL ABOARD... that's right, we loaded our crew onto the Polar Express and took a ride to the North Pole. On the way there we got hot chocolate and watched the servers dance up and down the aisle. The conductor came by and punched our ticket and when we got to the North Pole, Santa was waiting for us. We were so excited when he loaded our car and gave us a special bell... just like the movie. We Believe! We took the special trip with the Scramm Clan and the kids really enjoyed getting to spend some time with cousin Kennedy. It will always be a special Christmas memory!

Our crew in jammies!

The kids waiting patiently, or as patient as 3 year olds can get.

Caleb's little hand reaching out for his bell.

When we got to the "north pole", Austin said, "Mama, where is the snow?"

Avery wasn't so crazy about Santa, but she enjoyed dancing with the "chefs" in the aisles.

If anyone is reading this and is wondering where we really went, we drove to Palestine to the Texas State Railroad. They do train rides around Christmas time that are based off the movie Polar Express. You can look up all the info online. Get tickets early - months in advance. From a parents perspective, I would think 4-5 would be a great age to go do this. Our kids really liked it, but Caleb was probably still a little to young to enjoy it.

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October Smith said...

And how about that bell??? It looks just like in the book! The whole experience makes you a believer! :)