Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family pics - OctoberDawn Photography

You probably noticed our new pic at the top of the blog. I have a college friend who is starting up her own photography business and we got to be one of her guinea pigs. October Smith is her name and her blog is listed so you can check out her work(and see a few other of our pics). She has always been soooo creative and she is super patient with kids - good thing for us! I was so excited to get family pics taken out at our house and she did a marvelous job considering her subjects. Of the 160 pics we took, I am not sure if there is more than 1 where we are all looking and smiling. But then again, that's why I love them, they are so candid and show just how chaotic things can be for us. The best thing about this is that Christmas card pics are taken care of. Now I just have to decide which one to send out.
Thanks, Tob. We will be calling again.

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The Schramm Clan said...

great pictures!:) I love the lolipop one too