Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa Came!

The first one to stir on Christmas morning was Avery. She had come into our bed during the night and when she woke Christmas morning, she stood up on the bed and started walking towards the living room. We asked her where she was going and she looked at us and said "Santa." I asked, "Do you think he came?!?" and then she crawled back in bed with us. I think she was scared that he might still be in the room. We suggested she go get Austin and they could go look together to see if Santa had eaten his cookies. She got up and went herself to look at the cookies. Her reaction, "He came!" Then she ran to get Austin who was in a deep sleep. Had it been any other morning he would have fussed and whined for having been woken up, but instead he stretched and moaned as Avery told him about the cookies and his first response in an early morning voice as he rolled out of bed was, "did he bring us lots of presents?" Priceless! We got it on video. They both ran to the living room and saw the presents and cookies and I think that left a permanent smile on their faces all day long.
Next task was to wake Caleb so he could join in the fun. Once he was up, the gift opening began. Austin and Avery loved finding the presents with their names on them and putting them in their pile. Their eyes lit up with every present that they opened. It was so much fun!!!

After all the kids boxes were opened and stocking were checked, the assembling began. Our main projects were Avery's doll house and Austin's train set. The kids went from gift to gift, just taking it all in. Kind of made me feel liek a kid again!

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~October~ said...

This could have been my post a couple years back. Syd got the doll house (with every room...from Wade's mom...except they did not sell it in pink, only yellow) and both girls got the entire GeoTracs Set. Like every piece they sold (at the time). Too fun!