Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Two years ago today, our family went from four to five. Caleb Wesley entered the world and forever changed our lives for the better. He keeps us on our toes, but mostly keeps us laughing. He is our comic relief and enjoys making others laugh. His smile is contagious and those baby blues can make any heart melt. Happy Birthday, Caleb!!!! We love you.

At the age of 2, CALEB:
thinks he is 3 like his brother & sister; sleeps sound all night long in his bed; is not a fan of being barefoot and prefers to wear "rocs" - Crocs... even sleeps in them sometimes; is often times opinionated about what he wears to school (not quite as bad as his sister); prefers for his daddy to put him to bed with their nightly routine of a cookie, milk & Brown Bear, Brown Bear; has shown signs of potty training, but we will tackle that challenge this year; is a Tumbling Turtle at St. Paul's and really enjoy going there; loves holding mommy or daddy's cell phone and punching buttons - yes, random phone calls have been made; eats pretty much anything; has an infectious laugh; loves riding on the tractor with his daddy; has the Toy Story doll "Woody" and everytime he says his names, we laugh out loud; doesn't really have a favorite toy, but bounces around from one thing to the next; has already spent his share of time in timeout; has brought so much joy to our lives.... with many more to come.

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The Ehlerts said...

Happy happy birthday Caleb! Hope it was a great one!