Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Kelcie,

Thank you so much for taking a few days out of your peaceful summer to watch us. Mommy and Daddy have to work all summer so were full timers at St. Pauls, but you gave as a break from that routine for a few days and took us all over the big city! The first day was the best - park, McDonald's, ice cream at Must Be Heaven, Toy Story 3, AND skating. Mom thought you were a bit crazy to do this all on your own, but we sure had a good time! We had fun swimming on our most recent outing and of course we will never turn down the slip n' slide or popscicles. We have so much fun with you and thank you for wanting to play with us. You are the coolest, and don't tell Rocky, but we think he is pretty cool too. Mom said if college doesn't work out, you can come live with us!

Austin, Avery & Caleb

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